Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Finally the contest!

Hello all,

Having heard from a few of you with relation to running a contest (just putting the finishing touches on the Zombie Missions for those interested) through here relating to the game.

There will be three categories and the first prize for each of them will be $100 US. Sorry but I won't have second or third place prizes.

How to enter:

Simply send an e-mail with pictures to this e-mail address: g.i.jac0001@gmail.com
Clearly state in the Subject box for what category you have chosen to enter in. You can enter as many times as you like for as many categories as you like just make sure that you send separate e-mails for each entry and category.

Please also include your name and a way to contact you if you win. If you would not like your real name used simply include a pseudonym and clearly state that you would prefer to be refer being referred to by this name.

There will be three categories:

1. Best Squad

You must create a squad based on the rules for the game. The figures must be customized that means you can't simply take existing figures and photograph them. Since the game doesn't truly specify a particular genre your squad can look however you like: Vikings, Aliens, Swat Teams or whatever! The only rule is that they are equipped according to the rules.

Maximum 6 Photos

You must also include a word document outlining each characters equipment and attributes as outlined in the rules you can download the document here

2. Best Battle Field

Once again relating to the rules (you can see a theme here) you need to create a battle field and photograph it. The rules require the battlefield to be 1metre by 1 metre in length and you must leave room for 'set up' zones. Again this is all explained in the rule book. Apart from this however, the sky is the limit as to what you may wish to include. One final note: there must be a way for figures to move around the scenery. Like the squad entries must be customs and must not have been previously featured elsewhere

Maximum 3 Photos

I'm sure you can do better than this!

3. Best In Game Battle Shot

If you have read my battle report you may have an idea of what I mean. When you play the game you'll find certain points in the game very exciting such as when the two squad leaders face off or a single character slaughtering a whole squadron by themselves. Maybe you've got a sniper hiding in the bushes causing mayhem! This category is really a way to encourage you to play the game and chronicle your progress. Unlike the other entries please only submit a single picture for this entry. In addition to the image please include a brief description of how the situation came to pass: some context to help us understand why that particular picture was the highlight of the battle.


Above each of the categories will be explained in detail. Please note there are a few key rules that you must follow for all categories.

1. The category you choose needs to adhere to the rules outlined in the game rules which you will find here. There is an expectation that you have read the rules and played the game.
2. Your submission should not have featured in another website
3. All submissions will be presented anonymously
4. While you do not need to join my blog to submit an entry you do need to be a member to vote. This will hopefully eliminate cheer-leading and potential cheating!
5.If your entry wins 'payment' of the prize will be made via paypal
6. If there are less than 5 (for any category) the contest will be cancelled

I really look forward to seeing your entries and posting them on this blog. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at g.i.jac0001@gmail.com (please use this e-mail address and not the one on the cover of the rule book) or via facebook.

You have  from today until the end of May to submit your entries. I will begin showcasing them in June and voting will occur late June or early July. Anyone who is a member of this blog by that date will be allowed to vote.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Behind the Times: John Carter

 Went to watch the film John Carter yesterday, I have to say that I really enjoyed the film. Yes it is clichéd but there is just something that made me want to keep watching! The special effects were great; I’m not a fan of 3D so I won’t comment on that. 

I don’t know enough of the back-story or the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs except for Conan and that only comes from the movies so I’m no expert. I’m sure if I did I’d be a lot more critical, I’ve just finished reading the Hobbit again just so I can compare it to the film at the end of the year!

Anyways, the film is a perfect space opera filled with swashbuckling escapades, stem punk technology and monsters. How much better can it get? I did not walk out of the cinema shaking my head like I did for Avatar or the Phantom menace not to mention the recent Conan film!

On to the likes and Dislikes:

-The use old clichés like the princes having to marry a man she doesn’t love, blue for the good guys and red for the bad guys, a primitive horde based on the Mongols with an Avataresque dash of American Indian, a sinister force secretly controlling the world and humans ‘travelling to another world’ think Narnia and Avatar again, a colosseum fight to the death. This movie actually makes it work, it doesn’t try to be more than what it is, a spectacle clear and simple. Not a laboured allegory

- The Tharks are really really cool! Reminded me of the Kroot in Warhammer 40k or should it be the other way round?
-That ‘Flash’ Dog
-It was actually fun to watch and very entertaining
-A fascinating world I would love to see developed over a few more films
-The way that Carter tricks the Thern into giving him the amulet
-The epic battle between Carter and the enemy Thark tribe
-Carter’s objection to war is explained clearly

-What I do have an issue with is the motivation of the true villains of the piece it isn’t elaborated on sufficiently except that they like overly villainous and convoluted plots.
-There really isn’t any way that the Burroughs character could protect Carter’s body on earth
-I didn’t buy Kitsch’s ‘southern accent’
-The negative connotations associated with a deity and its servants it’s an allusion to religion in the real world and I feel that’s copping enough flak
-The fact that this film doesn’t have a 3 ¾” toyline!! That’s all I could think about as I watched the film!
-The overly elaborate and convoluted plot forcing the princess to marry the Jedak of Zodanga just to kill her seems unnecessary. Especially since he has the power to destroy everyone with his ninth ray secret weapon!
-The final battle wasn’t as good as all the others portrayed in the film, I don’t understand why Sab Than didn’t use the ninth ray and simply disintegrate everyone?
-Why was everyone’s blood blue?

Well all in all I can’t say enough about this film, it is simply a lot of fun, like a really good Saturday morning cartoon.

I give it 4/5 behind the times. It’s still the best I can do...