Friday, 5 July 2013

Behind the Times: Injustice Gods among Us

Hello all, did ya miss me? I'm back for yet another behind the times so read on if you're interested in the figures.

I love Injustice: Gods among us is an awesome game, I've really enjoyed it! I've also downloaded all the skins and extra characters including the Scorpion add on. It's the first game of this type that I have ever really enjoyed. I found out about the toys before the I had heard about the game. I love the idea that there are finally going to be some 'good' 3 3/4" scale DC based figures. I ordered the first two sets from BBTS, the other two Cyborg and Harley Quinn and Raven and the Flash are on their way here as you read this. The first two sets are made up of Solomon Grundy and Wonder Woman and Green Arrow and Deathstroke There are some great in depth reviews on these characters on the web. I will give a general overview, likes and dislikes etc for each set and a score for each at the bottom.

Solomon Grundy and Wonder Woman

-The scale, this applies to both sets obviously. However, this is also an issue... read on later. To be honest all other attempts at this scale by Mattel have ranged from O.K. to terrible, I just saw some of the Superman figures at K-mart and they demonstrate exactly what I mean. Unfortunately, they focus too much on the 6" line, neglecting the 1:18 scale collectors. Unfortunately, it seems like Hasbro is following in their footsteps... These figures are not by Mattel however, they are by DC collectibles
-Speaking of scale: Grundy is huge! he towers over all figures in his scale

-Articulation is great, definitely competes with the best Hasbro has to offer
-The costumes the characters wear are based on the game and aren't the traditional costumes they are known for, this may be a downside for some people, but to me it's great, I'm not a fan of Wonder Woman's traditional outfit

-The knives sticking out of Grundy's back are all pretty straight, I heard in another review that they came bent, but the package the figure comes in is designed so that they maintain their shape. maybe it's a running change?

-Grundy also has a 'hole' in his back where you can place his knife, which is the only accessory which comes with the set.

-I mentioned Wonder Woman's costume, it's really cool. I much prefer the 'armoured' look

-I absolutely hate it when I purchase a figure and it breaks as soon as I take it out of the package, particularly when it's a figure that isn't available anywhere I have easy access to. Wonder Woman's foot snapped as soon as I took her out of the package and tried to move it around, it may have something to do with the fact that the their joints are made up of 'clear' plastic which seems brittle. The same thing happened to my first Voltron Lion. I'm going to have to glue it back on!
Fatality! Or maybe a total... Injustice?
-While I'm discussing Wonder Woman's flaws, I'll have to add the fact that she has her fingernails 'painted' but it just looks like she has blood on her fingers. I couldn't get a good picture of that.
-The next major dislike are the lack of accessories, the only accessory is Grundy's knife, but both characters could really benefit from more for example, Grundy could have a tombstone, like the one he uses in the game. Wonder Woman should have a sword, shield and her whip note that I wrote should, because these are necessary accessories.

I give Grundy a 4/5
Despite the fact that I think Wonder Woman is a great figure, I give her 3/5 'Behind the times'

Green Arrow and Deathstroke

-Deathstroke looks awesome!
Weapons not included

-So does Green Arrow!

-The detail on each figure is amazing!

-Green Arrows bow is really cool and includes a 'string'

-Articulation for these figures is great allowing for many cool poses

-I am afraid to move one of Deathstroke's feet, there is too much paint caked on and I'm afraid it'll snap like Wonder Woman's. I have tried all the boiling water tricks etc...

-Lack of accessories is really a problem here, Green Arrow has his bow which is cool, but he could use an arrow or something. Deathstroke really needs accessories, the guns he has holstered are sculpted on, the rifle included is too big, like a cheap G.I.Joe rifle and too big for his hands. The guns and sword you see in the pictures are those I added from my bits box. Weapons are Deathstroke's thing... especially in the game, most of his special moves include a gun, pair of guns or a sword.

-The scale shows up here as well, with Grundy it's fine cause he's huge, with Wonder Woman it wouldn't be a problem if she were an 'average' height woman, but since she is an amazon, she should be bigger. Deathstroke and Green Arrow look tiny next to other figures of a similar scale. This is a problem for me as I like to display all my figures together, the only reason I really wanted DC figures in the 3 3/4" scale was so I could display them next to my Marvel Universe figures, as you can tell by the photos, this doesn't turn out so well... I'm going to need a whole different shelf for these!

I give Deathstroke and Green Arrow a 3.5/5 
'Behind the times'

Final Thoughts

I'm really enjoying this line and though I've spend some time on the negatives it's because I have to 'import' these and I always judge these figures a little harder. I'm really looking forward to Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Superman and I really want to see a Batman vs Joker pack (fingers crossed)! The one fear I have is that all the figures are all readily available at BBTS, does this mean they aren't very popular? I'm really concerned that this line won't last!


  1. Still tempted by the Wonder Woman and all the other female figures coming out in this line.

    Mainly for custom work. I might have to bite the bullet and hope the Clear plastic joints don't bung out on me (Seriously DC what the hell?)

  2. great sculpts but they're too small. they look like midgets next to the MU figs which sucks. I got the flash/raven set, not sure if I'll be getting more.